Leanne Phillips

BA (honours) Design for interactive media with digital arts

Freelance designer, Sussex, UK

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A passionately curious creative generalist, introverted lateral thinker, tea addict with an interest in humans, a love of dogs, and often found wearing silly socks.

Qualified (BA Hons) and experienced (14+ years). Multidisciplinary, creative, logical, adaptable, flexible, empathetic and open-minded.

I create lots of digital work, from branding, communications and print, to websites, and interactive experiences.

Experienced with frontend development (Code in the Dark Brighton 2017 finalist), Webdesign (including ecommerse, marketing, learning, and multilingual websites). I enjoy construction, organisation, development, and the creation of aesthetic artworks and interactions that provide a function, that improve user experience, and help people engage with a product or service at any touch point of their journey.

As Steve Jobs said: “Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works”. Which sums it up! I enjoy the design and development process, with the aim of providing a solution; by identifying and rectifying a problem, and to ultimately provide a better user experience with practical innovations.

I'm particularly interested in creating authentic human experiences and facilitating positive change, not just in design, but in life.

{ name: "Leanne Phillips", company: "Brightday Studio", location: "Sussex, South East, UK, email: "brightdaystudio@gmail.com", specializations: "Multidisciplinary", skills: { Web development, Digital Art, Design, UI & UX }, software: { Adobe CC, Mac OS, Atom & Brackets }, tools: { CLI, Json, JS, CSS, HTML, Mongo, Git, AngularJS, Vue.js }, interests: { Creativity, Digital Art & Design, Web development, Nikon Photography, Music, Peace, Adventure, Sustainability, Wellbeing } }